August 12, 1993

To Whom it May Concern:

I offer this letter to authenticate the experience that Michael P. Whalen had as a football coach. He helped to coach our junior varsity to a 9-0 record this past season (1992).

Mike was responsible for coaching the offensive receivers and defensive backs. He handled the substituting of his groups and of course had responsibility for scouting for our varsity.

I think Mike did a great job of balancing the responsibilities of being a student with those of being a football coach. I was impressed with the way he worked with our athletes.

If you are considering Mike for a position, please feel free to contact me; I will be more than happy to detail my recommendation of Mike as a football coach. I have 20 years of experience coaching football, six at the varsity level including two as a head coach.


Ted McIntyre
JV Football Coach 1992
Mount Pleasant High School

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