To Whom it May Concern:

Mike Whalen worked as a substitute teacher for 67 days in our sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade physical education classes at Fenton Middle School.

During this time, I noted that Mike was an organized, conscientious, positive, and articulate professional. As a substitute teacher, he devised and implemented lesson plans. In addition, Mike evaluated the work of the students and issued grades for two marking periods.

Mike met with parents at our October, 1994, Parent-Teacher Conferences. He exhibited poise and sincerity. Various parents expressed positive remarks about his work. They appreciated Mike's sensitivity to the needs of the students and the good lines of communication that he established between the school and the home.

I was impressed with his competency and his willingness to grow as an educator; therefore, I recommend Mike Whalen for a teaching position.


Neil McPhee
Fenton Middle School
404 West Ellen Street
Fenton, Michigan 48430
Phone (810) 629 - 4189

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