September 27, 1993

To Whom it May Concern:

I am submitting this letter of recommendation for Mr. Michael Whalen. Michael was a student in a physical education teaching methods class I taught in Fall, 1991. Mr. Whalen performed well in this class both academically and when delivering three micro-peer teaching presentations. I found his written and oral communication skills to be above average when compared to most of his peers in this class. Michael has appeared to develop a commitment to our profession and should be successful in most student-teaching/coaching environments. He has also maintained an active lifestyle and he has a good level of physical fitness. Given the opportunity, Mr. Whalen should continue to develop effective teaching skills.


Gary W. Arbogast, Ph.D.
Department of Physical Education and Sport
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Phone: (517) 774 - 6658

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